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The right angle brings together the core team that produced the fishingwales website. Updated daily and containing over 300 pages, it is hugely successful. Covering all aspects of fishing - game, sea and coarse in Wales - it has weekly fishing reports, fishery fact files, river level information, readers' catches, fishery search, accommodation search, tackle and techniques, latest news and a fish of the month competition, all remotely updated by an advanced content management system. Visitors to the site can easily gather information and plan their fishing trips. raising Wale's profile and persuading many people to fish in Wales for the first time. It is so highly regarded that the Environment Agency is looking to expand the model into England, as one of their objectives in their ďAngling 2015Ē report.

Leading angling magazines rate the site highly and feel itís an excellent resource.

Project objectives:

  • Bilingual AAA CMS to promote fishing in Wales
  • Dividing fishing into 3 areas "Game", "Coarse", "Sea" including fishing reports. A clean and highly accessible site ties into print production
  • AAA accessibility, text only dynamically created site for blind readers
  • Brochure request & email a friend
  • Links into the online booking facility
  • Addition of spotlight on section allowing the content editors to drive users into specific areas of the site
  • Full CMS including content moderation
  • Tracking of users with WebTraffiq



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